Tree Removal in Sydney

Are you having issues maintaining your trees and keeping them tidy? The professional gardeners at J & H Tree Lopping can perform tree trimming and tree removal in Sydney to help keep your garden looking immaculate. Our professional tree removal service can also take care of tree stump removal, helping to get rid of unsightly eyesores from your garden.

Our team of gardeners can provide services for both young and old trees. Whether you need strategic removal of branches to help young trees grow healthy, or you need tree and stump removal for an old tree, our experts can get the job done. Backed by years of experience, our knowledge of trees is second to none.

When is Tree Removal Necessary?

While in most cases we’ll aim to save a tree by removing branches to improve aesthetics and health, in some cases complete tree removal in Sydney is necessary. For instance, a tree that has died should be removed promptly to minimise the risk it poses not just to people, but to structures as well. Our tree removal service may also be required if you’re clearing land for a new building. Alternatively, you may require tree stump removal to get rid of an old tree stump that’s getting in the way of your plans or is posing a tripping hazard.

Our experts can help you with the following:

  • Complete tree removal
  • Removal of dead branches from young trees
  • Removal of Epicormic shoots of young trees
  • Tree stump removal

Contact J & H Tree Lopping Today

If you have any questions about our tree removal service, or if you’re ready to make a booking, contact us today. Our customer care representative will be happy to be of assistance and can answer any questions you may have regarding tree removal in Sydney.